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Redesigning Your Living Room Windows

As we move into the colder parts of the year, you may find yourself reevaluating the decor inside your residence. If so, it may be beneficial to consider swapping out certain pieces and redesigning your living room windows. At National Window Fashions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you think about your home's future and how you would like to go about changing the energy of the space.

Redesigning Your Living Room Windows Near Seminole, Florida (FL), including drapes, automation, and more

Redesigning with Drapery

One way that you could start redesigning your living room windows is by adding new drapery or side panels. Deciding to explore this avenue will give you quite a bit of creative freedom. Whether you are hoping to elongate a window or simply put heavier Hunter Douglas window treatments into place to act as a new type of insulation, there are many benefits to making this change. Throughout the decision-making process, you will be able to explore our entire collection of Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery as you work with our team to create your ideal pieces.

Redesigningwith Custom Styles

After you choose whether you would like to incorporate drapes or side panels into your household, you will then be able to customize each Hunter Douglas window covering. We proudly offer a wide range of fabrics, which includes various textures and colors. Aside from sheers, each of our fabrics are also fully lined with either a room-darkening or white light-filtering liner, which lends itself to extra personalization. You may also decide to partner your new pieces with drapery hardware or matching pillows created from the same fabric. As you can see, there are endless possibilities when redesigning your living room windows.

Redesigningwith PowerView® Automation

If you are looking for ways to minimize unwanted glares or add new privacy, adding PowerView® Automation is another way that you can start redesigning your living room windows. This sophisticated system will give you a way to easily reposition your shades throughout the day and night by simply touching a button on the associated app or Pebble® remote control. An unexpected benefit of introducing this to your interior design is that by creating scheduled movements for your shades, it will appear as though someone is always home, which can be a great safety feature as well.

Not only is the PowerView® easy to operate, but it is also safe for all family members thanks to its cordless nature and hidden battery pack. This means that redesigning your living room windows will be a worry-free decision if you have children or family pets. As a recipient of the Red Dot Product Design Award, there are many reasons why this Hunter Douglas offering will make a great addition to your home.


To find out more about redesigning your living room windows, feel free to reach out. We are located at 8710 Seminole Blvd in Seminole, Florida. You can also get in touch by phone. Our number is 727-397-8770. Additionally, our service area includes Clearwater, Pinellas County and the Gulf Beach area. Contact us today to begin browsing our catalog and deciding how you would like to start transforming your residence. We look forward to hearing from you.