Are Motorized Window Treatments Right for Your Home?

The Many Styles of Hunter Douglas Shades

If you are considering upgrading your window treatments, think about purchasing shades that are equipped with a motorized operating system. Motorized shades have the ability to raise and lower blinds with hands-free technology. This state of the art new system is known as PowerView® Motorization and is offered by Hunter Douglas. If you are thinking about getting motorized shades, it’s important to know if it is right for your home first.

PowerView® Motorization has two methods for control. The first approach is using an app on your smart device. By downloading the app you have to power to control your motorized shades no matter where you are using the Remote Connect feature, as long as you are connected to the Internet. The app is also capable of setting the shades to a schedule. If you enjoy waking up to the sun beaming into your room, you can set your motorized blinds to open at the time your alarm clock goes off. You can also arrange for your blinds to close at night with no work necessary. If you are someone who is constantly busy, and would enjoy have one less thing to think about, then motorized blinds are perfect for you. By employing an app, that means that instead of having to get up and physically open or close the shades, you merely have to press some buttons on your phone. This effortless system is great for those who enjoy having things done instantaneously with no need to move. PowerView Motorization works with both Apple and Android devices, too.

The other method to control the motorized blinds is a remote. The ergonomically correct Pebble Remote Control, is great for those who do not own smart devices or those who simply don’t enjoy being reliant on their phone. With the remote you can manage one shade, or up to six at one time. If you find your phone dying often, the remote is a great option to conserve battery life.

If you have young children or pets in your household, buying motorized shades may be a smart investment. The PowerView® Motorization system has no hanging cords, meaning the chance for harm is greatly reduced. This also has the added benefit of being more pleasing to the eye. People will only focus on your beautiful new shades, not be distracted by dangling cords. This technology-dependent system is great for those who are looking for the most stylish option available.

The motorized shades run using battery power, no electricity required. This means that even if your home loses power, your blinds will still be able to operate. The battery pack is located behind the headrail, completely of out view. It is easily accessible for simple installation and replacement of batteries. This system is very user-friendly.

If you think that motorized shades would be the right fit for your home, you should visit a Hunter Douglas dealer to learn more. At National Window Fashions & Floor Coverings, we deal exclusively with Hunter Douglas products, and have extensive knowledge about the PowerView® Motorization operating system. Since opening our doors in 1981, we have been experts in finding their clients the perfect window treatments. National Window Fashions has a showroom in Seminole, Florida but provides service to all of Clearwater, Pinellas County, and the Gulf Beach area.