Do You Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

You’ve made the decision to add new blinds to your home, but now you need to decide what will work best, vertical or horizontal blinds? While both horizontal and vertical blinds are great for light control, there are other areas where each one can outshine the other. Here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind that can help you choose the product that will be best for your needs.

What Kind of Windows Are You Covering?

If you have large windows, lightweight vertical blinds are the way to go. This is because horizontal blinds are heavier which can cause them to raise and lower unevenly. If you are covering a sliding glass door or other window that doubles as an entry or exit point, vertical blinds are ideal here as well. Light can be filtered and controlled but vertical blinds still allow you to enter and leave the house by simply moving the blinds to one side to access the door. An example of a vertical blind solution for a sliding glass door would be Skyline® Gliding Window Panels by Hunter Douglas. They give a clean, sleek look and glide, tilt and twist smoothly on a track to the perfect position.

Which Direction Do Your Windows Face?

Most of us don’t usually give the direction our windows face much thought when choosing window treatments, but it is actually an important factor to take into consideration. The amount of sunlight blocked by blinds has to do with the angle of the sun and the angle of the blind’s slats or louvers. Horizontal blinds are superior for light blocking purposes. So if your windows are south or north facing, consider using horizontal blinds, and if the windows are east or west facing, the light blocking ability of vertical blinds should be sufficient.

Do You Need Privacy?

If privacy is a concern, horizontal blinds are the ideal solution. When they are closed, they provide complete privacy. Horizontal blinds tend to stay put unless you move them and don’t run the risk of moving if someone accidentally bumps into them or of there is a breeze in the house. Vertical blinds allow a little more light in and can move more freely. This can compromise privacy, especially at night.

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